Slab Pie, Favorite Meatballs, and Pickles.

So I know I have kinda been slackin on the blog lately.  Well, I blame it on myself for scheduling myself to work 4 nights in a row!  Ahh! never again.  It was rough.  So these pictures and recipes are from 3 separate times that I am combining into one...The first of 3 being...Slab pie!
I hadn't ever heard of slab pie before, until I came across it on Martha Stewart's website.  She had a recipe for peach-raspberry pie.  I have kinda been obsessed with peaches this summer, so this sounded delicious. (I also added blueberries, because I had some).  Slab pie is like a normal fruit pie, but it is flat, with thicker, flakier, butterier (I know that is not word, but it fit!) crust on either side of the fruit filling.  

It's delicious!  Next is Spicy smoked mozzarella meatballs.  This recipe is from one of my favorite food network chefs, Giada.  
They're warm and oozing with cheese.  I made black pepper-and-pecorino romano cheese pasta to go with it.
So the last thing addition to this different-days blog is pickles.  I made homemade pickles before and Jeremy loved them, so he wanted me to make some more to take down to our grandma's house in ivey, georgia.  I got the cucumbers from Anne and her garden, and the idea for one of the pickle recipes...she got it from here.
Jeremy got me a mandolin for christmas last year, and I always forget that I have it.  This time, he reminded me that I have one, and suggested I make crinkle-cut pickles.  Aren't they cool?
I also got myself a canning kit and plan to make much more.  It always scares me when I put filled mason jars into a boiling water bath, because for some reason I always picture them shattering everywhere and me getting shards of glass and boiling water shot at me.  But it never happens!  (thank goodness).
At Jeremy's grandma's house this weekend, we are going to attempt at frying up some of these pickles.  Hopefully they will be as delicious as the Hooters' appetizer (It's our favorite).  Ok well we are about to leave on our road trip down to Georgia where I'm sure I'll come back with some cool pictures and recipes.  (I'll post this blog's recipes when we get back, Jeremy keeps rushing me like a little kid getting ready to leave for Disney World or something!)  


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