Smokin' Ribs.

I hate that summer is 2/3s of the way over and we are just now starting to use our smoker on a regular basis.  We tried ribs once before, but it was the first experience with the homemade smoker and Jeremy wasn't completely sure of how to regulate the temperature yet, so the ribs were extremely dried out.  Well, this time, it was a great success!
Jeremy made some kind of dry rub to go on the ribs that was DELICIOUS!
After a long day that consisted of playing 2 soccer games in 100 degree weather, these ribs made for an amazing dinner.
Eaten with some of this sauce and alongside some crispy green beans, cherry tomatoes and mashed potatoes mixed with some the same dry rub mixture,  dinner was delightful.


  1. Looks fabulous!! Are you going to give us a tutorial on how to make the smoker?

  2. Seriously, Jeremy could make a guest appearance to give us the smoky details. Ribs look fantastic. Your gonna inspire to me to try it before summer is up, and probably well into winter.



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