1/2 marathon (1)

Well, I did it.  Got up at 5 am this morning (which is the earliest I have gotten up in, maybe, I dunno, a year or so? Good thing about night shift is that there is no getting up early! Although I do miss mornings sometimes).  Picked up my race partner, Sarah B.  Headed downtown and lined up to run.  The nerves that were running through our bodies were out of control.  So, I was told that the 1st 8 miles were all uphill and the last 5 were all downhill.  LIES!  The first part is correct.  The last part is not.  The whole dang race was uphill!  Once you get done with one hill, you ran flat for about 1000 ft and you have to run up another!  It was ridiculous!  And usually, when you run up hills, you get to run down the other side.  Well here in Nashville, that is not the case.  There were only about 3 of the hills that you got to run down.  Crazy hard.  So overall, My time was just around 2 hours.  Now, normally, I would not be very happy with this time.  But with as many hills that we had to climb up, I am ok with a 9 minute mile.  My body did hate me quite a bit after I was done. Here are some pictures from the day.

This was before the torture started.
Very nervous
My running partner
We did it!

Now, I'm trying not to think about it, but a week from today, my next feat is another 1/2 marathon.  BUT this one is through the park at Disney world, and I'm fairly confident that there will not be huge hills to trek up.  This means I should have a much better finishing time.  Hopefully!  

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