Butternut Squash Pizza

Butternut Squash.
Had never had it in my life before.  I saw a recipe for this pizza in a vegetarian magazine.  I try to eat at least 2-3 vegetarian dishes a week, and I'm usually successful.  I often think about going full blown vegetarian, but hubby is very much a meat lover, so I believe it would be hard to a.) cook 2 different meals every night and b.) put up with the temptation of meat-eating that he would present to me.  I mean, I love my fruits and veggies and all, but every now and then, this girl likes a good cut, deliciously seasoned, medium-rare steak with a side of mashed potatoes.  So anyway, Jeremy had class tonight and it was my chance to make myself a veggie meal.  (he usually likes the meatless meals that we do make, but I know for a fact that he hates any kind of squash).  This pizza is delicious and healthy (with the exception of cheese).  The crust is whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe's (I know, I know, I cheated).    
The stuffed crust may have been my favorite part.  Mozzarella cheese stuffed in there with some italian seasonings.  Unlike the original recipe, I also added tomatoes to my squash pizza.  I was not sure how tomato and butternut would pair together since I had never had it before, but I said what the heck.  I like tomatoes so much I'm sure I would like them with anything.  And I am no food-pairing connoisseur, but I thought it tasted good! For some reason I cannot get this photo to turn right side up, and it's making me very frustrated.  So please turn your head to the right to see the finished pizza.

Also crazy to me is that I have lived in Nashville for 5 years and have never been to Natchez Trace.  So the other day, a friend and I went out there to go hiking.  It was beautiful.  I want to drive it all the way to Mississippi one day.  Took this while we were there...there were sooo many butterflies!  And dragonflies too, although they would not stay still enough for me to grab a picture.

Butternut Squash Pizza
Adapted from some vegetarian magazine that I cannot remember.

Butternut squashed cut and sliced into 1/4 in thick pieces
1/2 small red onion, sliced
olive oil
fresh thyme leaves
shredded cheese of your choice ( I used mozzarella because I had it)

Toss all ingredients together and top on the dough!  (for the stuffed crust, split up the dough and top one side with cheese, then cover with the other half).

That's it! Nice and easy!

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