Tres Leches Cake

Dear Tres Leches Cake, I love you. And I don't even like cake.   Where have you been all my life?

Did I eat this cake for breakfast?


Did I eat this cake for lunch?


Did I eat this cake for an afternoon snack?

you bet.

Did I eat this cake for dinner?

for sure.

Did I eat this cake before I went to bed?


Just kidding.  of course I did.

Is it really that good?

Yes.  Yes it definitely is.

Tres leches.  Three milks.  This cake originated in Nicaragua, but can be found throughout Latin America.  It is a sponge cake soaked in 3 milks, which gives it its name.  Different countries soak their cakes in different things, such as rum, brandy, and cream of coconut (yum! next time.).  I first had this cake in Cozumel, Mexico.  I'm not quite sure why it didn't stick in my mind how good it was after I first had it there, but I'm glad I found it.  So in Mexico, the tradition is that the birthday boy/girl must get their face shoved in their birthday cake following the song.  It's awesome.  It's even more awesome that it was tres leches cake that this little boy got to have his face smashed into.

Alright here's the recipe.  Since I didn't change anything from the original recipe, here is the link to it...

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