Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles.  Apparently it's a southern thing?  Although I had never heard of it until sometime in the past year when I saw it on one of Bobby Flay's throw downs against some woman in New York.  That makes tons of sense, I know.  So anyway, the initial idea of fried chicken and waffles together completely weirded me out.  Then I randomly craved it when I was pregnant with my twins.  And I didn't get to actually try it until just recently.  

Oh by gosh golly it's delicious.  The most tender fried chicken with a slightly spicy, crispy skin, sitting atop a soft, sweet waffle, then drizzled with maple syrup.  Jeremy is the master fryer in our house, and he rocked these chicken fingers.  He actually made this entire meal.  The waffles aren't just regular waffles either, they're sweet potato waffles.  They don't taste all that much like sweet potatoes, they just have a subtle sweetness.  This meal was so surprisingly delicious, that we made it again, the very next night.   

Jeremy's really bad about remembering to write down the ingredients to the meals that he makes, so unfortunately, I don't have this recipe to type out for you.  BUT next time he makes it, I promise I'll make him write it down.

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