CSA #1

Romaine Lettuce

Green Onions

Bok Choy



Easter Egg Radishes


Unknown Type of Lettuce

With both types of lettuces, I made simple salads.  The strawberries were so delicious, we pretty much ate those the same day I brought them home.  I didn't get to use all of the green onions, so I froze some.   I attempted to make a pesto sauce using the garlic scopes, but they were rock hard and I could not puree them into a sauce.  Major fail.  

I chopped up some of the raw radishes and mixed them with quinoa, green onions, and some greens for a quick lunch.  I dressed it with a cumin-flavored vinaigrette made of cumin, lime juice, white wine vinegar and olive oil.  It was delicious.

I also made some radish chips, which turned out ok, but not great.  I wasn't a huge fan of the bitterness of radishes mixed with sweetness of honey and cinnamon.  Toss sliced radishes in a mixture of honey and cinnamon, and bake at 375 for about 15 mins, until they are baked up crisp.

The carrots were my favorite.  They were very earthy tasting, and really good.  I roasted them with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary, ate them alongside a BBQ bean burger.  

For the bok choy, I braised it in beer with sliced zucchini for a quick dinner after work.  It was very easy and yum.

Can't wait for next week's box!!

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