Peach and Blackberry Cobbler

So...my first cooking blog post.  I love to read cooking blogs, and I also love to try out new recipes, so I have decided to start my own.  A few of my favorite blogs include Smitten Kitchen, and Sassy Radish.  Now, I know that my name is not yet as clever as either of those, but when I think of I better name, I will change it.  If you have ever been to my house, you may know that my kitchen is teeny-tiny and my bakeware and cookware is very much functional-but not at all very pretty.  Below is a picture of the place where, when Jeremy and I attempt to cook together, just end up bumping and crashing around, dropping things and such.  Although it is hilarious at times, it is not very conducive to multi-task cooking.
yup.  Notice the sink full of dirty dishes on the right, the cat's water bowl on the ground, the fresh cilantro with which I plan to make salsa with tomorrow, and the Cliff bars which have no where else to go because we have limited cabinet space in our tiny kitchen! but the hilarious French apron hung on the wall makes up for it : ).  Ok, so also if you know my baking skills, I mostly concentrate on pies.  Well, for my first blog post I thought I'd do something just a hair different this time...
It's almost like a pie...but not quite.  Using both of summers bountiful delicious fruit, I made a blackberry peach cobbler.  I don't know that I have actually ever had a cobbler before...but it was pretty good!  The peaches were sweet and firm (I'm not a huge fan of super-squishy peaches) and the blackberries were delightful. 
Now, I just went ahead and sliced up my peaches.  I did not really want to mess with peeling them and the skin on does not really bother me at all, so I skipped that step.  Peeling peaches is actually quite easy though-just blanch them in boiling water for a few minutes and they peel right off (same goes for tomatoes).  Did you know that I did not know that I like peaches until last year!? Ridiculous! I had always just had canned peaches growing up...no where near the deliciousness of fresh peaches.  So anyway...Here is the outcome of this cobbler.
    I don't know if it looks good to you or not, but it sure does taste good!  The sweetness of the fruit and the tangy-ness (is that a word?) of the buttermilk batter was a good midnight treat.  
Don't mind if I do!  (delicious with vanilla ice cream by the way).  Goodnight!

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