A White Christmas

Finally!  A white Christmas in Tennessee.  This does not happen, but it happened this year.

Waking up to a white-covered ground on Christmas morning was the norm for me as a Michigander (yes, that's really what we're called), but it is not a normal occurrence for Tennessee.  It was very exciting.  Hubby was worse than a 4 year old on Christmas.  He almost convinced me to let him open presents on Christmas eve, but he only got away with the stocking.  Here are a few highlights of our presents:
I got some awesome mixing bowls!
The in-laws got us the beloved kitchen-aid stand mixer.  Oh the bread I will make with this thing.  It's not the first color I would have chosen, but it was on sale, and I am in no way complaining.  This thing is awesome!  Not only can it mix, knead, and whisk, but it has separate attachments that you can get to make your own pasta, sausages, and other things.

This next gift is very small and simple, but a favorite.  

They are little Le Creuset pot magnets!  They're precious.
and Hubby's favorite gift?
A bowtie and suspenders.  They look especially nice with the tshirt and gym shorts.  I also hid one of his gifts inside our advent calendar, and gave him a clue to find it, so that was fun.

Ok so on to the food...

We'll start with breakfast.  

I made some buttermilk waffles, that had bits of bacon mixed in the batter.  Bacon.  Go figure.

These are awesome cookies.  They are cinnamon french toast cookies.  Yes, I made cookies for breakfast.  It's Christmas, don't judge.

What does not belong in this picture?
Sorry, had to put that in there.  Now back to the food.

My work gives out a free turkey every year to all employees.  We decided to take advantage of this free bird and cook a turkey dinner at home.  We used a recipe from our favorite baker/cook/chemist, Alton Brown to roast our bird.  It turned out great.  Since there were only two of us eating this huge dinner, we have plenty of turkey leftovers.  I'm thinking turkey potpie and turkey wild rice soup will show up here in the next few days.  
I made some cranberry sauce.  Thought I needed to give it a try.  It was good!
first thing I made with my new mixer.  Cheesy crusty bread loaves.  Delish.
Garlic Parmesan Green Beans
Apple, Leek and Sausage Stuffing Muffins!

We had a great Christmas!  I hope you did too!

Andy's Christmas present.  He refuses to get out.

Have I become the crazy lady who is obsessed with pictures of her cat?  

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  1. Beautiful! I'm so glad ya'll had a white Christmas!



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