Virtual Bake Sale

So, I got to partake in something really cool a while back.  One of the food bloggers whose site I frequently visit while I am wasting time in cyberspace (http://www.espressoandcream.com/) decided to put together a virtual bake sale.  Other food bloggers would donate some baked goods, and readers would bid on each of the items.  All of the proceeds were set up to be given to the Red Cross Relief Fund to help the suffering people of Japan.  As I was reading Madison's post about the virtual bake sale idea, I thought this was an awesome idea and thought it would be really cool if I was able to participate.  I did not know how many people would ask to donate items, or if I would even be considered to do so, but I asked anyway, and I got to do it!  I was pumped.  I took a long while to decide what I wanted to make to donate.  I couldn't just make something mediocre.  It had to be something really good.  Jeremy suggested that I make the these cookies, which have been one of his favorites.  I did make the oreo cheescake cookies once again, but I used mint oreo cookies instead of just regular.  They turned out awesome!

The the bidding for all the baked goods lasted for a few days and mine ended up selling for $25.00.  Once I found out the winning bidder, I made a batch of these little things and sent them off in the mail, headed all the way to New York!  I really hope they made it ok, and that the bidder was satisfied with their winnings!

Here is the link to the first post I did on these cookies for the recipe...Here ya go

The only thing that is different is substituting mint oreos for the original type!

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  1. Sarah- we got your cookies on Saturday and they were delicious! My husband and I ate way too many of them, so addicting:-)



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